Contest Prep & Physique Enhancement Certification

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Thank you for your interest in my Contest Prep & Physique Enhancement Certifications. I’m beyond excited to share these courses with you. It’s going to provide immense value that will be life changing!

Why I started these courses?

It’s common to see people get excited about competing but in the process make a lot of mistakes which effect their health, outcome & end up wasting their time & money. Hard work is important but it needs to be in the right direction.

I always like to emphasise that you should not go all guns out for a single show, instead longetivity should be the goal. Long term health should be your priority.

I started my competition journey in Dec 2004 & made tons of silly mistakes along the way which could have easily been avoided. Since then I have done numerous courses & certifications to enhance my knowledge in the field of training, nutrition, PEDs etc. & have coached thousands of natural & enhanced athletes.

When we talk about physique enhancement, there are only a handful of resources & books to learn from. However, most people tend to learn from their peers whose information in most cases is outdated. When it comes to PEDs, usually people have the “more is better” approach, but this does not always apply. Abuse is different than use & we should know how to make things safe for us. For longevity & health, our approach should be to get the most out of the least.

If I was able to coach the 2004 version of myself today, I would have done much better.

In this course I’m going to equip you with all the knowledge and tools you need to prep for a competition, photoshoot or achieve your dream physique.

Contest Prep Certification

Physique Enhancement Certification