Contest Prep Certification



The Contest Prep Certification is a 8 week course built for everyone who wants to improve their coaching skills! Whether you are a coach, a physique competitor, or a recreational fitness enthusiast, this course is designed to give you the confidence and skills you need to prepare for a competiton.

The course covers:

Module 1: Getting the basics on point

  1. Pyramid: Optimal physique development
  2. Training: Overview
  3. Nutrition: Overview
  4. Progress tracking
  5. Decision making: To bulk or cut
  6. Common mistakes

Module 2: Preparing for a contest

  1. Physique assessment
  2. Setting nutrition:
  3. Managing training:
  4. Cardiovascular training
  5. Peak week & Show day
  6. Misc. preparations
  7. Common mistakes everyone makes
  8. Case study

Apart from that, you will get:

  • Pdfs of the slides of each lecture.

  • Interactive Q & A session at the end of each module

  • Access to exclusive Private Facebook Community